Beauty and the Beast Nails

One of my all time favorite cartoon is Beauty and the Beast.  I can't count the number of times I have re-watch the movie when I was a kid.  Probably over a 100 times.  It's weird how kids can watch the same thing over and over again and still be excited about it each time.

Did these nails with stamping of course!  No way I can do it freehand.  Using a clear stamp to pick up the image, which is just the black outlines of the roses and bow.  Then I just color in the images while it is still on the stamper.  And after it's all dried up, I added a layer of white polish over the image. Wait for that to dry again before stamping it onto my nails.  Takes a lot of time, but the result is amazing~  

Because of how time consuming each image takes, I have 3 stampers with me.  Need them all when I do my nails.  Takes too long to wait for each layer to dry.  It would take me hours if I only have 1 stamper.

These are the polishes I used.  Excuse me for my messy desk.  People say messy people are usually the most creative~  My excuse for being messy.

From left to right:
Kiss Nails - SPA12 Black
ONL - Pop Nails #09
ONL - Pop Nails #23
Ciate - Speed Dial 023

Lioele - #30
Etude House - 201
PA - AA120

Now I am ready to enjoy the new Beauty and the Beast movie~


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