3 of Our Fave Shopping Places in Seoul

When we first visited Seoul a few years ago, our number one choice of shopping location would be Myeongdong.  Now, it’s definitely Hongdae.  It is very convenient to get to, in the heart of Seoul and there are so many different shops.  Prices are cheap, so don’t expect to be shopping for any luxury brands.  However, it’s not like we are looking for an evening gown or a classy suit.  We just want to look for somewhat simple clothes for our everyday wear.  And since it’s not expensive, we won’t feel guilty about ruining it and throwing it away after a few wear.  We are usually aiming at prices from 10,000 won to 30,000 won.  Plenty of choices.  Some are no brand name clothes, some of local Korean brands.

Some people like shopping in Japan, but I prefer shopping in Seoul much more.  People in Japan are very thin and has a very small frame.  We have quite broad shoulders, long arms and as much as I hate to admit….we are somewhat chubby to fat.  Girls in South Korea seem more like a real human size compared to girls in Japan.  Hence, clothes are bigger.

Aside from clothes, there are lots of make-up shops too.  Lots of different brands.  So, basically, I can get everything in one place.

We used to stay in this location whenever we visit Seoul, mainly because the place is littered with cosmetic shops of different brands.  And there are multiple outlets of the same brand on every block.  That way, if we need something, we can always pick it up on the next block.  Since there are many hotels in the area, after I shop, I can drop the load off at our hotel within 5 min walk.  There are loads of clothing shops as well, whether it’s Korean brands or no brand.  Prices are similar to Hongdae.  However, Myeongdong is becoming way to crowded.  I feel like I am in Hong Kong when I go there.  Since, we have too much make up and skin care, we don’t feel the need to load up on our stock.

The duty free shop, Line Shop and 3CE make up shop is in Myeongdong, but we don’t shop in those stores at all.  My friends love going to the duty free shops to get brand name bags and massive shopping on skincare product.  We don’t have the need/urge to load up on that.  So, we basically stopped going to Myeongdong solely to shop.

Ewha is just 2 stations from Hongdae.  It’s pretty much the same as Hongdae, but shops are packed more tightly.  In a way, it would be better to shop here when shops are more closely together.  However, I find the clothes here are somewhat smaller.  Well, it is a girls’ university area.  Young girls….which means thin girls?   A lot of cute dresses and clothes.  A little too cute for me sometimes.  We usually come here if we pass by or has nothing to do.  Prices are cheap.  It’s basically an all girl shopping area.  Not easy to find shops for guys.  Not many brand name shops here.  Mainly no brands.  So, it seems the choices are a little limited.  Although there are hundreds of shops, most of them sell the same thing.  So, I rather shop in Hongdae if there is a choice.

Hongdae / Hongik University  at point H in Places Part 1
Myeongdong at point e in Places Part 2
Edae / Ewha Woman's Univeristy at point K in Places Part 1

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