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    Plaza Premium Louge - Terminal 1, West Hall - Hong Kong International Airport

    Travelling again!  This time to Canada.  It's going to be a long flight, so I need find a somewhat nicer place to sit and eat before i board the 12 hour flight.  Luckily, my credit card allows me to get a free pass to the Plaza Premium Louge at the Hong Kong International Airport.  

    It's near gate 40 and there is a escalator to take you right up to the entrance.

    Out of the 2 Plaza Premium Lounge at the Hong Kong International Airport, I like this one at Terminal 1 West Hall a lot more.  It's usually less crowded, brighter looking and somewhat more food.  Well, I am not very sure about the food part.  Lately, they seem to be serving the same things in the 2 lounge.

    There are quite a lot of people this time I visit.  Usually, it's pretty empty.

    They have a small selection of dim sum, noodle, chicken and other random things.  One of the dishes I always order is fish ball noodle in soup.  Seem to taste the best out of the selection.
    Other than that, I love eating those cheap fish siu mai.  Cheap street food, but I love it.  They definitely are a lot more appealing than the airplane meals I would get on Cathay Pacific.

    Love how there are loads of drinks too

    And beer?



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