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    Onigiri / Rice Ball Nail Art with Image Plate 春の歌-19

    Stamp!  This time with a super cute image plate with some onigiri / rice balls on it.  I really like this 春の歌 series of image plates.  I am using 春の歌-19 this time. 

    Brand new with the blue plastic~

    Love how clean and shiny it is when it's brand new~

    Polishes I used:

    From left to right:
    ONL Pop Nails #34
    ONL Pop Nails #08
    ONL Pop Nails #24
    ONL Pop Nails #09

    From left to right: 
    Revlon China Flower 080
    OPI Infinite Shine Beyond the Pale Pink
    OPI Infinite Shine We're in the Black

    Using my clear jelly stamping for precise stamping.

    Then of course fill in the colors before I stamp it on my nails.  Looks like a blob of nothing here.

    But when you look at it on the other side, it's a perfectly cute onigiri.

    After everything on the stamper is dried, stamp it onto the nails.  Then seal it all in with a top coat.

    Tips on using this plate:
    1. Use a plastic scraper
    2. Be super fast!  Scrape and pick up image within a second.

    Don't bother to clean your scraper before picking up the image.  Clean it after you have picked up the image with the stamper.



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