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    Day 1: Premium Plaza Lounge at T2 Hong Kong International Airport

    Travelling again....to Seoul......We were supposed to go to Japan with the crazy plane ticket sale from HKexpress earlier this year.  Cho specially stayed up until 3am to fight for tickets online.  Our first choice was Japan.  A lot of people were online, trying to buy the cheap tickets, so there was a lot of lagging or unsuccessful purchase.  At the end, Cho gave up on Japan and just got tickets to Seoul instead as she didn't want to waste her effort for staying up.  Our tickets came to HK$750/person.  And that's with 1 return luggage.  Quite a good deal!

    As usual, we headed to the Hong Kong airport early to have some lunch at Plaza Premium.  HKexpress doesn't serve any complementary food on flight.  So, we got our complementary lunch at the lounge with the Priority Pass we get for free from credit cards.  One of the main reason I sign up for the credit card.

    Unlike the other 2 plaza premium that's passed the customs, this one is in the arrival hall.  The best thing is that it isn't packed with people like the other 2 lounges.  I didn't have much appetite, so didn't try their noodles.  This lounge offers a bit more variety than the other 2.

    Aside from that, there's pastry.

    Stir fried noodle that they didn't refill at the time that I was there and the chicken dish that all other Plaza Premium Lounge have.  Cho is on a strict protein diet, so she didn't get any pastries or noodle.  And as usual, I don't feel like eating much other than junk food.  So, we basically just got into the lounge to get some drinks and sit around waiting to board our flight.

    The main reason why I was here.  Drinks and tiny sandwiches.

    The salad bar seems a lot fuller here as there really aren't many people.

    Premium Plaza Lounge T2 is at point O in Places Part 2 on the map below:


    Day 1: Premium Plaza Lounge at T2 Hong Kong International Airport > Check in at Airbnb (Seoul Station)
    Day 2: Ikasan Seodong Festival > Korea BBQ at MyeongDong 명동황금목장黄金牧场 > Hangang Park
    Day 3: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress > Suwon Station > Majang Meat Market
    Day 4: Tongin Market > Hanbok at Gyeongbokgung > Jungnang Rose Festival > Pork Bone Soup 용산 원조 감자탕  > Sobok Ice Cream > Myth Jakbol
    Day 5: Shopping at Jamsil Station > Lotte Mart at Jamsil > Songpa Naru Park > Bongeunsa Temple > Itaewon > Busan Galbi
    Day 6: Sky Hub Lounge at East Wing Incheon Airport


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