Day 1: Check in at Airbnb - Seoul, South Korea

We have been living in the same Hongdae building each time we go to Seoul in the past.  So, this time, I thought it would be cool to stay at a different location.  Since Seoul Station is in the middle of everything, we thought it would be super convenient.  Through Airbnb, I booked a duplex that's just across the street from Lotte Mart at Seoul Station.  I love the place. It's a lot bigger than the studios that I have been staying at Hongdae.  The duplex part makes it extra cool.

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There's a washing machine and a small kitchen with everything you need to prepare simple meals.

I didn't take a picture of the washroom.  But it's the type that has a divider between the shower and the rest of the washroom.  That way, the entire washroom won't get wet after shower.

This is the bed on the upper level.  There is even a foldable mattress next to it.  This studio an easily fit 4 or 5 people.  But since, I am lazy to crawl up the stairs, both Cho and I just slept on the bed on the first floor.  So, we booked a duplex, but never fully utilized the place....

First thing arriving the studio, we went downstairs to the convenient store to load up on our dinner.  It was around midnight when we arrived and we had an early day next day.  So, we just had to get some food in our system quick and get to bed.  Loving sandwiches from convenient stores in South Korea.

The convenient store even had some hot fried chicken and they taste quite good.  It's hard to find a horrible tasting fast food anyways.

I really like the the studio.  The host was super friendly and helpful.  The places was very very very clean.  However, I might not stay in this location anymore.  I find that Hongdae is still the best.  Hongdae is a lot more convenient.  The building I usually stay at connects to the subway station and restaurants, shops and bars are just a few minutes walk away.  Really can't beat that.

Our little airbnb duplex is at point k in Places Part 2 on the map below:


Day 1: Premium Plaza Lounge at T2 Hong Kong International Airport > Check in at Airbnb (Seoul Station)
Day 2: Ikasan Seodong Festival > Korea BBQ at MyeongDong 명동황금목장黄金牧场 > Hangang Park
Day 3: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress > Suwon Station > Majang Meat Market
Day 4: Tongin Market > Hanbok at Gyeongbokgung > Jungnang Rose Festival > Pork Bone Soup 용산 원조 감자탕  > Sobok Ice Cream > Myth Jakbol
Day 5: Shopping at Jamsil Station > Lotte Mart at Jamsil > Songpa Naru Park > Bongeunsa Temple > Itaewon > Busan Galbi
Day 6: Sky Hub Lounge at East Wing Incheon Airport
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