Dinosaur Nail Art with Image Plate SP-016

This is a nail fail in my point of view.  Using a new image plates with some dinosours on it.  Looked cute on the plate but not so easy to make it look good on the nails.  So disappointed with it that I didn't bother to rotate the pics to its upright position after realizing they are on their sides.  Makes me sad to look at them.

This is image plate SP-016.

I am quadruple stamping the images on.  First stamp 2 times of white and then 2 times with the color. I am not stamping with special stamping polish, hence the color is very thin.  Luckily I am stamping with a jelly stamper, so I can aim quite precisely to over lap each image.

Too disappointed in it and I gave up and don't care.  Will do a better job with this plate another time.  The plate itself is good and very easy to use.  I just need better polishes to stamp with.


Dinosaur Nail Art with Image Plate SP-016 Dinosaur Nail Art with Image Plate SP-016 Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, June 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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