Day 3: Majang Meat Market - Seoul, South Korea

Through out this trip to Seoul, it seems we were only having Korea BBQ or fried chicken.  Amazingly enough, Cho managed to lose 1.9kg of fat after the trip.  Thanks to my well planned itinerary to keep her walking nonstop each day, which she wanted to kill me for.  

Since we both love beef and Korea BBQ, we went to Majang Meat Market again! Before, we usually go there for lunch.  This time, we went there for dinner.

Just like all the other times we went before, we bought our meat from the butcher shop and then took our meat to a restaurant to cook.  The butcher at the shop will take us to the restaurant they work with.

We bought water aging beef.  I don't think we had water aged meat before.  We had dry aged beef multiple times.  It's our first time trying water aged.  Wanted to see what's the difference.

The shop we got our beef from.  Pretty looking business card they have.

So, these are all the meat we got.  Quite a lot, I'd say.  However, I never have to worry about that as Cho will eat it all anyways.  The beef tongues was "service".  Free gift.  Cost us about 60,000 won.  Can't remember exactly.  The fee for cooking it at the restaurant is 5,000 won per head as usual.

Cho can't wait to dig in.

The pack of beef tongue may look big but it's just a few slices.

The water aged beef is extra tender and juicy.  Really yummy.  I can't decided whether dry aged or water aged is better.  mmm....maybe dry aged?  It seems dry aged beef has a beefier flavour.  

It was around 9pm when we finished dinner and shops were starting to close.

The restaurants were still open after 9pm of course.  However, the butcher shops were all closing up.  So, better get there before 9pm if I want to buy from butchers in the future.

Majang Meat Market is at point t in Places Part 1 on the map below:


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Day 3: Majang Meat Market - Seoul, South Korea Day 3: Majang Meat Market - Seoul, South Korea Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, June 15, 2017 Rating: 5

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