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    Vancouver Shopping Hauls: Walmart and Outlets

    I find no reason to head to the States' outlets to unleash my shopping power now.  Not when I can find some pretty good deals in Vancouver?  Went to the McArthurGlen Outlet near the YVR Airport in Richmond.  There usually aren't much sale or good deals going on there. I was very lucky that there was an actual sale when I went.  

    I loaded up on my Estee Lauder skincare as it was 50% off of the outlet discount price!  Then Puma shoes were buy one get one 50% off.  Gap was also 50% off.  I bought a lot and still didn't spend much.  

    And of course, people like getting their vitamins and supplements in Canada where it is a lot cheaper.  So, I got a bunch of those from Shoppers Drug Mart. I have lots of points earned on the members card and got a lot of deals and free things as well.  

    People used to buy a lot from Hong Kong when going to Canada.  Now I do the opposite.  I load up on goods that I can get a great price in Canada and bring back to Hong Kong.

    McArthurGlen Outlet is at point X in Places Part 2 on the map below:



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