616 Beef Hotpot / 616牛肉火鍋專門店 - Taipo, Hong Kong

Last night I went to try this new beef hotpot place. I was unsure about it at first since I normally like to binge when I go eat hotpot so I always go for all your can eat. But the pricing for these place looked more than reasonable and it had really good reviews, and for good reason too. 

They have a great selection of options at their sauce station. I was a little too excited so I basically just put a bit of everything in. What I like most about their sauce station is the mini lime. I have never had hotpot sauce with this little fruit before, but now I feel like it should be available at all hotpot locations. 

The have a few locations in Hong Kong where you can see above. 

I chose their speciality beef soup base. It was special indeed, since I have never had this soup base before and I do got hotpot-ing very very often. 

What is also fun about this place is that once your place your initial order, they will give you an hour glass which is timed for 20mins. If all the items from your initial order does not arrive within that 20mins then whatever is left would be free. Now isn't that great customer service.

They also give you this huge laydel to lay ontop of your pot so you can put stuff on top when it is done cooking. Another one of the great things that I love about this place. 

The have have a very large selection of beef, with lots of different parts of the beef. You can also ask about the different selections from their staff and their will explain it to you. That is what I had to do because I didn't know how to read their Chinese menu, but their staff is very knowledgeable and very patient as well. 

This will definately me a place I will go more often!!!! Super thumbs up. My bill only came to around $336hkd for 2 people. That is only $43usd and I was fully stuffed. 

Shop 18, G/F, Greenery Plaza, 3 Chui Yi Street, Tai Po

616 Beef Hotpot / 616牛肉火鍋專門店 is at point P in Places Part 2:

616 Beef Hotpot / 616牛肉火鍋專門店 - Taipo, Hong Kong 616 Beef Hotpot / 616牛肉火鍋專門店 - Taipo, Hong Kong Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, July 30, 2017 Rating: 5

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