Dokkaebi Bulgogi Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea

I love hotpot.  Whether it is Cantonese, Japanese, Taiwanese or Korean style.  I love them all.  It was my first time having Korean style hotpot.  My friend brought me to Dokkaebi Bulgogi Dongdaemun for dinner.  It was just a few steps from the Skypark Hotel that I was staying in.  Once we walk in, a wave of the sweet marinated meat greeted us. Just as the name of the restaurant suggest, they mainly sell beef!  The hotpot is loaded with thinly sliced sirloin beef marinated in a sweet and flavorful soy-sauce mixture. 

Love their picture menu!  Just point point point to whatever you want.

The pot came just like the picture on the menu.  Love it!  

It's a flavor I never tasted before and would love to try again.

Too many good food in Korea but never enough time to try them all.

Address: 38, Eulji-ro 43-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul/ 서울 중구 을지로43길 38

Dokkaebi Bulgogi Dongdaemun is a point R in Places Part 3 on the map below:

Dokkaebi Bulgogi Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea Dokkaebi Bulgogi Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea Reviewed by chichicho on Sunday, July 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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