Shopping Until Morning at Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea

I missed the chance of visiting the Zara outlet at Maxstyle. I really wanted to go in, but because we were on a tight timeline we couldn't go in. I used to shop at Maxstyle more often but it is more of a tourist mall because it doesn't do as much of the wholesale. 

Right across from Maxstyle is the LED rose lights from DDP, the have just replaced all the  light bulbs so it is shining very bright.

This is what a typical wholesale market looks like. You must buy items in twos. For example, if you find a style you like, you need to get two pieces of the same style, but it can be in different colors. If some of the shops are desperate, they will allow you to get one piece, or if the item is an off season item, they may allow you to just get one piece as well. 

The bags you see on the floor are orders from stores which agents have ordered. Then they will come pick it up and ship it off.

The photo I am taking is Queens Square, I quite like this mall because the styles are more trendy, It is hidden away on the second floor of a very old looking building. The prices aren't super cheap, but they are reasonable.

The OT is a nice mall to go to for cheaper clothing, the styles get quite repetitive so I would say just going to one or two levels is enough. But it is a great place for work blouses or t-shirts and stuff like that. 

Before we knew it, it was morning, we were stuck inside buildings all night so it was a big surprised when we walked out and I saw that the sky was so bright.

Maxstyle: point X in Places Part 1
LED Rose Garden: point J in Places Part 2
Queen's Square: point S in Places Part 3
The OT: point T in Places Part 3

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