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    Shopping for Kids Clothing at Namdaemun - Seoul, South Korea

    We went to Namdaemun to do some shopping for kids stuff. We went to Porkykid mall. It does retail in the day time until around 5pm then at night it does wholesale. 

    Stuff can get quite cheap, I was able to find skirts and tops for just 3500 won, that is around $3.50 USD. 

    Here are what I bought from left to right top to bottom.
    Girls tank top 5000 won, girls playsuit set 18000 won, balloon short 15000,  pink and silver polka dot pants 3500 won, bloomer shorts 10000 won, grey tutu skirt 15000 won, checkered bloomers 7000 won, overall skirt 5000 won, light blue skirt 15000 won.

    Really don't like kids wearing cartoon characters printed on their clothing.  Personally, I like kids clothing that are more fashionable.  It's cute to shrink adults clothes to baby size.

    PorkyKid is at point P in Places Part 1:



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