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    Seoul Station to Myeongdong by Seoullo 7017 - Seoul, South Korea

    The Seoullo 7017 is opened in May 2017!  Now I can walk from Seoul Station to Myeongdong in about 15 minutes.  There are so much to see and do on the overpass that leads me from Seoul Station to Myeongdong that it totally seemed like less than 15 minutes.

    Instead of walking up and down the stairs in the subway, why not walk above ground on the overpass.  It probably takes about the same amount of time anyways.

    I took some crappy pictures along the path on the Seoullo 7017.  However, the real thing is a lot prettier.  Forgive me for my bad photography.  I only had 3 hours of sleep for the 3 days that I was in Seoul.  I was pretty much out of it. 

    The Seoullo is lined with over 200 different types of plants.  Really pretty to enjoy the scenery along your walk between Seoul Station and Myeongdong.  

    There are various facilities along the way for people to enjoy and different resting points.  There are glass windows/balconies so I was able to enjoy the sight of the busy street below.  There are also different shops and cafe along the way.



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