Walt's Cafe in Disneyland - Lantau, Hong Kong

Too crowded in Hong Kong.  Once in a while we need to stay away from the crowd and head to a quieter part of the city.  We went to Disneyland this time, which actually is crowed all year round inside the theme park.  We are just going to the Walt's Cafe inside the Disneyland Hotel. We are going for their semi-buffet.  As much I like being surrounded by food at a full buffet, I can't eat much.  I feel like I am wasting the food and money each time I get a buffet.  So, this semi-buffet is perfect.

The restaurant is a lot quieter than the full buffet at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant which is also in the Disneyland Hotel.

There are 4 main dish to choose from for semi buffet.  They have non buffet menu as well.

For HK$288, we choose 1 of the 4 main dish and buffet at the small counter. Although small, but it's enough for me.  It's pretty much what I would eat at a full buffet anyways.

There are other cakes, fruits and salad that I didn't take a picture of.  I love how there aren't a lot of people, so the buffet table is never emptied of food.  Everything is nicely set and clean.  No one to mess it up other than myself.

For the main dish, we ordered duck.  Very juicy and tender. A strong duck taste though, not something I would enjoy.

2nd main dish we chose is the pork chop.  Very tender.  So tender that I almost forgot I was eating pork.

3rd one is fish and rice.  Nothing to complain here.  Grilled perfectly.

We also order a burger which is not on the semi-buffet menu.  Huge portion.  However, I think they patty is a little dry and lack seasoning.  Not something I would recommend.

Walt's Cafe is at point d in Places Part 2 on the map below:

Walt's Cafe in Disneyland - Lantau, Hong Kong Walt's Cafe in Disneyland - Lantau, Hong Kong Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 Rating: 5

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