Charm Spa - Da Nang City, Vietnam

It was our last night in Danang and we decided to spend the night to get a massage.  We googled for a nearby spa that looked decent in pictures.  Charm Spa looked pretty decent in the online review.  So, we pulled out our phone and Uber to it.  It was around a 5 minute ride from Danang International Airport.  

To be honest, it is not as nice as it seemed in the online reviews.  However, I guess it's still acceptable.  Not something I would go back to, but not something that would make me cry.  

There is something that this place and other spa places I have been to in Vietnam have in common.  They like to use slightly moist towel to cover your face.  It's not wet.  It feels like a towel that is 95% dry.  You can just feel the slightest moistness.  This is a real turn off.  Feels like it's dirty.  I can imagine it being washed and not dried properly and just stuffed it aside.  Or that it was used, so that's why it's slightly moist.  Either way, it grossed me out.  Even more so since they put it on my face.  So, tell me if it's a Vietnamese thing to use slightly moist towels?  Am I over thinking?

I went to 4 different spas during my vacation in Vietnam.  There is no doubt that the one in Angsana Lang Co is the best.  I guess the other 3 are too local.  But if I have to choose which is the best out of the three local ones, it would be La Luna Spa in Hoi An.  It was the cleanest, brightest, most specious and has the nicest staffs.

Charm Spa is at point 10 on the map below:

Charm Spa - Da Nang City, Vietnam Charm Spa - Da Nang City, Vietnam Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, April 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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