Salem Spa - Da Nang City, Vietnam

We had a couple hours of free time in Da Nang city and decided to go for a massage.  Cho did some research and found Salem Spa.  People were saying it's clean and relaxing.  We looking up Salem Spa and found it just a few minutes from Han Market.  So, we called an Uber and headed straight to it.

We were quite disappointed when we arrived.  It's located in a small alley. Does not seem pretty, clean or too relaxing at all.  We blamed the reviews online for people making misleading reviews.  Turns out there are a few location of Salem Spa and we just happen to go to the older looking one.

As for the pricing, it's not really that cheap.  Similar to Hong Kong's price.  But hey, we had nothing to do and we were on vacation, we are supposed to spend money we won't spend otherwise. 

We decided to go for foot and leg massage.  The place doesn't seem very comfortable and clean for us to do a full body massage.  Similar to other spa places we went to in Vietnam, they use a slight damp towel to cover our face/eyes.  The dampness of the tower is like when a towel is nearly dry and you feel just the slightest moisture on it.  Didn't like that idea and I just taken the towel off my face.  Just not used to their practice of using moist towels.  The massage itself wasn't too good.  I've had better.  Not something I would like to go back to.

Salem Spa is at point 8 on the map below:

Salem Spa - Da Nang City, Vietnam Salem Spa - Da Nang City, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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