Han Market - Da Nang City, Vietnam

Just a few minutes uber ride from Vincom in Da Nang City, there's the Han market.  To me, it's like a tourist shopping area disguised as local market.  I say that because things selling there are not cheap compare to what locals would usually pay for.  I guess the place has been taken up by tourists and it would be a crime to not mark up the price.

Very local looking market that sells dried food items, fruits, clothing and small random household items.

There seem to be an area that sells seafood.  However, it was already in the afternoon when we went.  So, I guess that section has closed.  

I wouldn't want to buy these kind of things here.  I can't really cook the produce at the hotel anyways.  They were much cheaper than at Vin Mart anyways.

Everything is tightly packed together.   Many things to buy but nothing you really need.

The same type of clothings were selling at Hoi An ancient city for similar price.  So, you'd know the prices are marked up way high.

There were also food stalls, but the place honestly stink.  We didn't want to eat in there.

The street outside of Han Market looked interesting though.  However, we already called for uber and had no time to explore before our uber came.  Uber in Vietnam seem to be way more convenient and a lot cheaper to use.

Han Market is at point 7 on the map below:


Han Market - Da Nang City, Vietnam Han Market - Da Nang City, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Tuesday, April 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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