Vin Mart - Da Nang City, Vietnam

While staying at Angsana Lang Co, we were able to take shuttle bus to Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang.  For Hue and Hoi An, there wasn't a mall or anything that was similar to a supermarket.  At least there wasn't that was nearly as similar at the locations that the hotel shuttle dropped us off at.  

It was probably around 3rd or 4th day when we decided to head to Da Nang city as we had enough of rural / old city experience.  We were sure glad we did.  Finally, we were back in touch with civilisation.  The hotel shuttle dropped us off at Vincom.  Inside Vincom, there is Vinmart.

We were so overwhelmed to see the abundance of snacks and food there were.  As mentioned before, the food at the resort wasn't good and way over price.  We rather starve than have our money scammed at the hotel restaurants.  So, there was a night where we scavenge all the edible fruits, instant noodle and cookies we could in our room for dinner.  

I feel there aren't much we could have bought in local market for souvenirs.  I don't like little household decoration like dolls or whatever.  So, I wouldn't buy that to give as souvenirs to my colleagues or friends, especially when houses in Hong Kong are so small.  People would probably get upset to receive useless junk that would hog up space in their home.

So, we bought Vietnam snacks as souvenir instead.  At least it would be something from Vietnam that can be devour and won't take up space.  Lots of different flavor instant noodle.  I find that the instant noodle to be less soggy than the ones I've had in Hong Kong before.  They also seem to have more msg?  I got really thirsty after eating them.

There were lots of cooked food as well.

These had been lying around for hours.  They didn't sell fast as the mall was mainly filled with staffs.  Not many tourist or people that would shop there.  So, we didn't buy it.  Didn't feel it's safe to eat.

We should have stayed in Da Nang city the first day we arrived Vietnam and loaded up on on food before heading to the resort.

Vin Mart is at point 6 on the map below:

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