Vincom - Da Nang City, Vietnam

After being in Hoi An and Hue, we got to know ourselves a lot more.  We have learned that we are a city type of person.  We can't handle muddy road, animals running on the street or sketchy glares in a not so modern city.  The staffs at Angsana Lang Co got to know us as well and recommended us to drop the idea of visiting their local fresh market.  Instead, they highly recommended us to take the hotel shuttle to head back to Danang City which will drop us at Vincom.  The resort staffs told us it is the largest mall in the city.  Although the size is really not large compared to any mainstream mall in Bangkok or Thailand, I can see why it's largest in Da Nang.  The shuttle to Da Nang was 200k and about 1 hour from the resort.

We immediately thanked the resort staffs in our heart when we were dropped off.  It's been a few days since we saw a real mall.  I know we sound like bimbos, but we really needed a real mall even if it didn't carry any brands.  There are securities at the mall entrance and inside as well.  Finally, no more cat calling.  I could finally walk with my guard a little lower.

They had a store that's like Daiso.  There really weren't anyone buying anything.  There are definitely more staffs in the mall than customers.  It must be nice to work there.  They get paid for consuming whatever they are selling.  I see staffs using the massage equipment in the massage shop and staffs skating on ice as if they are putting on a figure skating show.  There really is no one there to shop.

There's a skating rink that only the staffs were skating in.  So, they were just paid to skate.  What a fun job.

Then there is the single person karaoke box.

Plenty of restaurants on the top floor.  Quite a few are Korean and Chinese.

A printing booth.  To print photos on IG.

We totally do not want to eat the hotel food and since we have been away from civilisation for so long, we were longing for fast food.

We also got some pho.  While the hotel was charging us for about $15US for a bowl of pho that's about half the size here, this bowl of pho was about $3US.  This bowl was a lot tastier.  Still not the best, but better than the one at Angsana Lang Co.

Of course, we shopped at the supermarket inside the mall to load up on snacks.

Vincom is at point 6 on the map below:

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