Cooking in our room - Da Nang, Vietnam

We stayed at Angsana Lang Co.  They are quite far away from the city.  The closest village is about 30 minute drive away.  The shuttle to other cities only leave the resort once or twice a day.  So, when we were stuck in the resort, we can really only rely on the resort restaurants, which isn't very good at all.  At least their price don't justify themselves.  

From our previous stay at Angsana Velavaru in Maldive, we learned that their food would be ridiculously high.  I remember it was US$20 for a bottle of plain water in their restaurants.  So, to prepare ourselves for this Da Nang trip, we got some instant noodle/rice and chips just in case we are hungry and want a snack.

Sure enough, we got hungry in the middle of the day.  We looked through the menu in the resort and felt stupid to eat in it when their food isn't good and the portion won't fill us up.  Earlier in the day, we were doing hat painting in one of their restaurants.  During that hour, the kitchen staffs were prepare for the next day's breakfast.  So, they had a lot of eggs out.  we asked them for a couple eggs.  We planned to use the eggs to do a egg yolk hair mask.  We later decided that it would be better to eat it instead of wasting it to treat our hair.  

Since we changed room, we got a microwave.  We first heat up a cup of water in the microwave, then cracked the egg into the hot water and microwave it for another minute or two.  Egg was perfectly cooked.  As for the instant noodle and rice, they did provide us with a kettle.  However, we have read many times that people would boil their socks and underwear it in to "wash" them.  The thought of it was enough to make us sick.  So, we heat up the water in the microwave as well.  It took us longer to do this, but at least we were not drinking sock/underwear water.

Angsana Lang Co is at point 1 on the map below:

Cooking in our room - Da Nang, Vietnam Cooking in our room - Da Nang, Vietnam Reviewed by chichicho on Thursday, April 05, 2018 Rating: 5

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