Samdi Hotel - Da Nang City, Vietnam

We had stay a night in Danang City, so we picked the nearest available hotel, which was Samdi Hotel.  It's less than 5 minutes drive from the International Airport.  I am sure we could walk over there if we didn't have luggage with us.

It was just a quick stay at the hotel, so we booked the cheapest room which has no window.  It's not the cleanest hotel, but I could still live with it.  

Our princess illness got to us and it just didn't feel clean enough to take a shower normally. While I refused to take a shower that night, Cho managed to take a quick shower with her flip flops on.  We have been watching too much Discovery channel about how peopled died from fungus and germs during our stay in Angsana Lang Co.  Since, there was nothing to do in Angsana at night, we just watch TV after dinner until we sleep.  And each night, the Discover Channel talks about deadly flesh eating bacteria or brain eating fungus.  So, we felt the hotel would be filled with germs and fungus...I know, we are crazy.  Cho didn't trust the hotel tower and only used tissue paper to dry herself, which was pretty funny.

I guess this hotel is a pretty good deal and nice to stay at.  There were lots of Koreans staying there as well.  Actually, there are a lot of Korean in Vietnam in general.  

Samdi Hotel is at point 9 on the map below:

Samdi Hotel - Da Nang City, Vietnam Samdi Hotel - Da Nang City, Vietnam Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, April 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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