Da Nang International Airport

When we landed at Da Nang International Airport, we were surprised to see it so modern looking.  Our friends has been telling us how out of date everything in Vietnam is.  But then, they have never been to Da Nang.  They have only been to other Vietnam cities.

The airport is quite small for an international airport.  We got our visas done in Hong Kong to avoid any complications compared to getting our visa after landing.  Of course, it would be more expensive this way.

Immediately after we got out from the baggage claim area, there are a couple lounges from hotels.  None that we can get into as we weren't staying there.  The arrival area is quite small.  We couldn't even find an information counter.  

Next to the airport entrance there is a small restaurants.  We were starving.

The pricing isn't marked up too high compared to what restaurants in airports would be like.

Grabbed a sandwich quickly.

I like that they accept union pay.

It was quite sad to learn the food in the airport, whether sandwich or pho, were the best tasting food we had during our entire stay in Vietnam.  The restaurants in Angsana Lang Co should really pick up their game.

Da Nang International Airport is at point 14 on the map below:

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