Uber better than Taxi in Vietnam?

When travelling to Vietnam, we really recommend using Uber to get around.  It's even better than taking taxi.  The app is so well developed in Vietnam that it surprised us.  When we were at the airport calling for an Uber, the map can pin point and suggest us where to wait for the Uber down to the pillar number at the arrival hall!  The uber drivers response almost immediately and would show up with in 5 minutes.  Often in Hong Kong, the map is not very clear and it takes forever for drivers to respond and when they do, it may take over 10 minutes to arrive.  

We also took a taxi in Da Nang and the taxi wasn't as clean.  There were mosquitoes inside and I hate getting mosquito bites.  It made the 5 minute ride very uncomfortable having mosquitoes flying around.  Taxis are also more expensive.  The only thing we were concerned about was that at least taxi drivers at least have some sort of license to drive a taxi, but anyone can be an Uber driver.  However, after taking our first Uber, we couldn't back to taxi.  It was just about $2US for us to ride around Da Nang City.  Each ride was under 10 minutes though.


Uber better than Taxi in Vietnam? Uber better than Taxi in Vietnam? Reviewed by chichicho on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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