Addiction 048P Swatch

A friend gave me some polishes that she got from work.  Perks of working in the retail industry.  Endless supplies of skincare and make up.  One of the polishes she gave me is from Addiction, a Japanese brand.

The color is a shimmery, semi-transparent nude.  It isn't a very exciting color, but great for everyday use.  I can totally see girls in a corporate office wearing it.  Professional, subtle and feminine color.  I think it goes well with anything.

Although the polish is watery and semi-transparent, it surprisingly is not streaky.  It applies very smoothly and evenly.  With about 2 coats, it can covers up your nail entirely.  3 coats would be best.  The best thing is that it dries very fast, even when we applied 3 coats.  

Without any top coats, the polish itself is already very shiny, which I love about.  However, without the protection of a quick dry top coat, the polish is still quite soft, even after it has completely dried.  So, i can easily be scratch.  So, for a longer wear, I think it is best to add a quick dry top coat.


Addiction 048P Swatch Addiction 048P Swatch Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, July 06, 2018 Rating: 5

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