Day 1: Dotonbori - Osaka, Japan

Love our Airbnb stay near Nipponbashi Station.  We were able to walk to Dotonbori within 10 minutes walk.  We could eat, drink and shop irresponsibly without worrying about having a long way to travel back to the studio.

The famous running man sign.  So many tourists stopping here for a photo.

Nearby the sign of the running man, there is a restaurant specialize in crab cuisine.  Outside the restaurant, they have a stall set up selling crab dishes.  Totally OVERATED!  Totally not worth the money.  I ordered a grilled crab leg for 900 yen just the amount above.  The crab itself isn't very meaty.  The meat part is very soggy.  Not a good crab at all and for that off.  I should have known better.  I shouldn't have bother trying at all.  I've had many king crabs before and this was the worse ever.  I should have just wait until I am in Canada to get a good crab.

Then they were selling sushi too.  4 pieces of crab sushi for 2160 yen.  It really is a ridiculous price, but it made us really curious about whether it is actually super good or not to be charging over 2000 yen for 4 pieces of sushi.

Curiosity got the best of us and we ordered.  The packaging is nice.  Quite a waste to have so many layers of packaging when we would just devour in in seconds.

It's good, but I wouldn't even pay half the price for it.  Absolutely don't know what's the hype about.  We were going to dine in.  Fortunately, the restaurant was fully booked that night and I am glad it was.  I bet the food quality would pretty much be the same as the ones they were selling at the door, which was a meh quality for a high price.  Just a place to earn tourists money.

The street is so busy and crowded.  Quite difficult to find a restaurant where we didn't need to queue over an hour for food.  

There wer plenty of restaurants that I wanted to try, but the line up was just too long.  :(  Seriously, do they really serve that giant size plate of takoyaki?  And for 980 yen?  No, right?  

Everywhere we went in the Dotonbori area, it's just tourists, tourists and more tourists.  People were just buying nonstop as if things were free.

Dotonbori is at point B in Places Part 1 on the map below:


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