Day 1: Airbnb in Nipponbashi - Osaka, Japan

It has been a year since my friends and I said we would go to Japan together.  Finally we took action and actually went to purchase our tickets to Osaka.  With the 5 of us, it would be hard to find a room to fit all of us in one hotel room.  Also we were on a budget, especially me.  I hate the sight of the number in my bank account going down.  Again, we turned to Airbnb to find an affordable and spacious studio to fit all of us in it.

We found a place near Nipponbashi Station.  It was about 3 minutes walk away from the station.  The apartment looks less appealing than advertised on Airbnb, mainly because it wasn't as bright.  The place was still very clean.  The apartment wasn't newly renovated, but everything in it was good and relatively clean for how old everything looked.  For the bargain price, we were really satisfied with the place.  

One thing that surprised us was that the studio was in the middle of many love hotels.  The area seems a little sketchy at night.  Other than that, everything was fine.  Many drunk people.  In fact, a drunk guy came walking into our apartment at 11am.  It was our bad, we forgot to lock the door.  The drunk guy was just as surprised as us.  We exchanged a few surprised "eh!" and then the drunk guy realize he got the wrong door.  He apologized and left.  That was quite an interesting morning.

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Really appreciate the huge living room/kitchen area.  We didn't cook though. We lived minutes away from Kuromon Market and Shinsaibashi.  We couldn't help but to head over to Kuromon Market for food or Shinsaibashi/Dotonburi for food.  Or when it's super late at night, we just headed to the nearby 24 hour convenience stores that surrounded us.  Too many option for food while staying in Nipponbashi area.

Love how the sink is outside the washroom.  In face, the toilet and shower are in separate room. So, the 5 of us could do our business without slowing each other down.  It was like a factory assembly line.  

There was a separate bedroom that fits 2 queen bed and a sofa bed and a TV.

Then there is the other queen bed in the living room.  This studio can easily fit 6 people.  So, even though it wasn't modern looking and it didn't have 5 star hotel services, the price and space makes up for everything else it lacked.

This studio is at point b in Places Part 2 on the map below:


Day 1: Airbnb in Nipponbashi - Osaka, Japan Day 1: Airbnb in Nipponbashi - Osaka, Japan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, July 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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