Day 1: Donki - Osaka, Japan

Since we were staying at a walking distance from Shinsaibashi, we could shop all night long if we wanted to.  Well, most of the shops were closed after 10pm.  So, our only choice for shopping was Donki.  It was so crowded.  Mainly just tourist.  I heard the ferris wheel of that Donki was reopened, but after knowing why it was closed down in the first place, I have lost all interest in going on.  People said it was closed down before because nuts and bolts were coming lose due to the lack of maintenance.  I don't remember if the ferris wheel was running that night, but I wouldn't risk it.

The shop was filled with people from China and Hong Kong.  Things in there weren't actually that cheap, so I don't understand why people were raiding the shop.  The first part is when you check out.  There simply isn't enough counters to handle the crowd.  Since we, like many others, were buying in bulk to be eligible for tax free, there was a cute line up to have our items packed up in the "tax free" bag.  The line up was about 45 minutes long.  So, if you just buy a small amount of items, I really don't think it's worth the long queue. 

The shop does sell a wide variety of products.  Food, toys, clothing, electronics, random useless shit etc.

Even found a place to charge our phone.

It's a good place to kill time at night when everything is closed, but be prepared for the long queue when checking out.

Donki is at point T in Places Part 1 on the map below:


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