Day 2: Kuromon Market - Osaka, Japan

Kuromon is such a tourist trap, yet we couldn't help ourselves and be lured in, since we lived about a 3 minute walk away.  It's just too convenient to get there and so many different little food shop all gathered in one place.  I think we spent most of our money in this market.  We were just too lazy to go farther....

There are so many tourists, so basically all the shops have English and Chinese menu/signs.  Note that the prices are of course higher here than where locals would shop/eat at.  But hey, it's convenient.

I love Japanese rolled egg.  And for this giant rolled egg with a huge piece of eel on the top is just 500 yen.  I couldn't help but to get one.  I usually hate eel, as I don't like the fishy smell, but they managed to prepare it without that smell.

There were a few shops with king crabs.  We didn't get any.  Seem like too much of a hassle to get the crab meat out of the crab shell.  Yes, we are lazy af.

So many sushi shops!  Were the sushi particularly cheap?  No. But they looked too yummy to walk away from.  Although they may not be the cheapest amongst the many markets in Japan, it is still a lot cheaper than eating it in Hong Kong.  So, we wolfed down numerous pieces of sushi, sucking wallet dry.

I love tuna and this tuna shop sells so many different cuts of tuna and at a cheap price too, compared to Hong Kong.

The other night, we went to a Japanese beef BBQ restaurant and ordered some not so good beef and it wasn't cheap.  This time when we went to Kuromon market, there is a butcher shop that sells packages of meat cuts and if you add just 100 yen, they would grill it in front of you.  Really good deal!  Sure, we didn't get to sit down at a nice restaurant in a comfortable setting, but we were there for the meat! No matter how much meat you buy, the grilling fee is still just 100 yen.

So juicy and so oily!  Super beefy and delicious!

We wen to Kuromon once a day since we were living close by.  Lots of pictures from random shops we ate at.

Kuromon is at point G in Places Part 1 on the map below:


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