Day 5: Premium Plaza Lounge at DMK Airport Bangkok

With our Priority Pass which we got from our credit card, we are able to get in the lounge for free.  The lounge is just a few steps away from the tax refund counter, which is total chaos.  Because of their tax refund counter, I don't want to go back to Bangkok anytime soon.  The staffs are rude.  The woman looking after the queue grabbed and pulled us violently to make us walk perhaps 5cm forward.  I was already walking forward, there was no need to push me.  She also grabbed and pulled our passport out of our hand.  Very inappropriate.  There were also too many mainlanders who tries to budge and has no idea what's happening, which just made things worse.  Although Bangkok is a very developped city, but the staff at the tax refund didn't reflect it by the way she was handling tourists.

Anywas, inside the lounge, it's just like any other oens.  Some juice, sandwiches, snacks etc...

After grabbing a quick snack from the lounge it was time to wait at the boarding gate...and it's another chaos.  There were so many people.  Air ventilation isn't very good there.  I felt like it was a refugy camp there.

Feels kind of weird how a well developed city has such a poorly designed international airport.

Premium Plaza Lounge is at point l in Places Part 1 on the map below:

Day 5: Premium Plaza Lounge at DMK Airport Bangkok Day 5: Premium Plaza Lounge at DMK Airport Bangkok Reviewed by chichicho on Sunday, May 19, 2019 Rating: 5

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