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    Nails inc. London magnetic polish tryout


    I went into sephora the other day just to see what might catch my eye in their sale bins since last time I found some very nice $1 polishes :) :)

    So, I was hanging around the nail poilish section just looking and playing when one of their sales approached me and asked if I have tired the Magnetic polishes.... and excuse me if this is old news... but this was the first time I heard of it. I was so excited and bought the silver right away. So here is me trying them out.

    I started off with just painting my nails with a basecoat.

    Then the instructions said just a thin first coat

    This part is a little tricky, quickly apply a generous amount of polish,
    and out the magnet that is on the cap over the nails without touching it

    here is the finished product. I know it might not be everyone's taste, but i quite like it
    I would want to try other others in the future though.

    By Cho


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