Water Decal - Full Design

Not too long ago, I bought a water decor for nails at $12HKD in MK. The quality was quite bad. Despite the bad quality, I really like the product. It's easy to use and very convenient! It saves a lot of time! If I see it again next time, I'll definitely get it again.

1。Here is the pack of $12 water decor. There are 12 pieces of nail sticker in each pack.

2。Choose the size that fits you.

3. Put it in the room temp water for about 10 seconds.

4。The sticker and the paper would separate itself.

5。You know how I said it has bad quality? This is what I meant...they printed it wrongly...so half of it was transparent.

6。Because of the mis-print, I had to put a coat of white nail first before putting the nail decor on. Then apply a clear top coat. The nail decor will melt away and stick to your fingernails.

7。All Done!

By Chi
Water Decal - Full Design Water Decal - Full Design Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, November 14, 2011 Rating: 5

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