Flight to Vancouver

I love Vancouver! I love the weather, the air, the temperature, the food, the everything 

Here I am finally get to fly back to Vancouver. I spent most of my school years in Vancouver thus is feels like home to me. I am not very used to the busy lifestyle in Hong Kong thus, I have been dying to get back to Vancouver ever since I came back to hong kong. And here I am at the Hong Kong airport happily waiting for my flight home :)

 I went to the airport 2 hours early just to be safe :) so I had a bit of time to go into the Cathay Pacific Lounge by Gate 23 :):) the food there is really nice, smoked salmon, Brie cheese, and fresh guava juice *yum yum* with exclusive wifi, so the network is much faster.

I believe that this would be the last time I would get to go into the lounge for a while at least > < since I did not travel enough this year to maintain my Silver Tier for my Marco Polo Club. *crys*

The meal on my flight. I had vegetarian pasta. It came with ham pasta and vanilla Haagen Dazs for dessert! I am personally not much of an ice cream person, so I asked the flight attendant for a glass of coke to make an ice cream float! it was great :) 

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