Kutsuwa Eraser Kit

I have been poisoned! Poisoned by RRcherrypie from YouTube.

I have basically watched all his videos before and have always wanted the candy toys he uses in his videos. However, I didn't know where I could get them until lately I found some of the small "cube" shops have them. Then later, I found them selling on groupon as well at an even lower price. (but it's double the price RRcherrypie got them for).

I got the eraser making kit. The Sweets set. I thought it would be easy, since it looked pretty straight forward from RRcherrypie'd video....but NO! I really admire RRcherrypie's patience and detailed work! I was crying (literally) after almost 2 hours of making the erasers. I didn't wanna abandon the work half way, but was very discouraged by the whole thing. The pieces crumble and won't stick together. I could never get the pieces out of the mold without ruining them. I tried and I tried and I tried. I played around with it so much that the white turned into grey, which just made the situation worse.

At the end, these are what I ended up with. Some of the fruits/cream on the top fell off. I'll just super glue them back together...coz there's no way I would use these after taking me more than 2 hrs to make them. My finger hurts!

Kutsuwa Eraser Kit Kutsuwa Eraser Kit Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, March 05, 2012 Rating: 5

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