Bake Pop Pan - 2nd Watermelon Cake Pops Attempt!

It is so hard to find a Bake Pop Pan in Hong Kong. Or is it that I don't know where to look? I had to ask Cho to get it at Bed Bath & Beyond while she visited the States.

I am so glad I got the pan. I don't like the traditional cake pop because it is way too sweet with the frosting. They are also very time consuming to make. With the pan, I can save a lot of time. Had a first try with the pan and remade the watermelon cake pop that was a total failure last time. This time, it's a semi success.

We got a box of Betty Crocker cake mix and add red food coloring to it. Put the batter into the little cake pop holes and then stuck a few chocolate chips in each cup.

While baking, the batter would over flow a bit and like a volcane, errupts from the top.

The result was a perfect round balls. Loved it. The cake slipped out of the pan easily.....for the first batch. I don't know why, the second and third batch just won't let go of the cake pops. It was so frustrating to get the cake pops out of the pan for the 2nd and 3rd batch.

The we dipped the stick into white chocolate and then stuck it into the little balls of cake. Freeze it and then tried to coat it with a thin layer of white chocolate. This was the hard part. The cake was simply too soft and porous. I forgot to add less water than the instruction on the box. So, the cake was too fluffy to hold the heavy chocolate. The chocolate that was on the stick to stabilize the cake melted or got lose because it couldn't support the heavy coating. We couldn't put the stick upside down due to its heaviness. So we had to lay them on a plate with the ball downward to let the chocolate solidify. Then we gave it another coat f green chocolate. We got food coloring that is supposed to work with chocolate. However, it still kind of ruin the chocolate texture...and the color was too dark. Should have gotten a brighter green. If only I can find colored chocolate melts in Hong Kong. Theres no Michael's here. The only colors I could find for chocolate melts in HK are pink, white an brown....

It was so hard to color the cake with chocolate that we just kind of gave up at the end. So, we ended up with some red cake pops and some green ones.

Here is a close up of the cake pop cut up~
I wish I know how I can control the consistancy of the chocolate.  Is there non sweet coating that anyone can suggest?

Bake Pop Pan - 2nd Watermelon Cake Pops Attempt! Bake Pop Pan - 2nd Watermelon Cake Pops Attempt! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, April 30, 2012 Rating: 5

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