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    DIY Doll House Set!

    Shopping on www.taobao.com is fun! You can find anything there. From fresh farm ostrich eggs to furnitures to clothes and shoes.

    Recently, I saw these doll house sets. They come with all the material to build the house. It also comes with the furnitures! The price is also just a fraction of what you get in retail shops. Looking through the many different doll house set, I decided to get the biggest one...since, it's not very expensive. I mean, if I am going to get one, why not just get the biggest an prettiest one they have?

    So, I got this set. It has 8 rooms....

    Now I regret getting it. There are so many pieces!!!! You need to stick on the wall paper, the floors and u even need to sew and put the furnitures together! Yes! You need to sew! OMG!!! I suck at sewing!!!!

    I feel like I am going to faint now.


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