A Little Scrape

This may look a little disgusting...

DAY 1 
It was another tired morning going to work.  Walking sleepily when I suddenly tripped over nothing on flat ground and landed hard on my knee.  At the same moment, people were just rushing to work.  I couldn't even bare to look around to see if anyone was looking.  It was just too embarrassing..... 

Doesn't look too serious...but it totally ruined my bag.  I was too busy picking myself up and didn't realized I was bleeding and the blood got all over my white leather bag.  After a simple cleaning of the wound, I just stuck a bandage on it.

After 2 or 3 hours, the bandage was soaked through and clear yellow liquid kept oozing out.  So, I guess it was better to do a thorough infecting and washed it with alcohol....I screamed in pain!!!!  Since it was still oozing with yellow liquid, I left it open to wait for it to dry a bit first.

 By night time, it was still very water...washed it down with alcohol again and I screamed again.

By the next day, the clear yellow liquid turned out to be not so clear anymore....so, I went to the clinic and let the doctor fixed it.  It looks all clean now.

 DAY 3
But by the next day, the gooey stuff has soaked through the bandage.

Went back to the doc and he claimed that it isn't infected anymore or isn't watery anymore, so he put this thing on my knee to help it grow new skin. He said I was not supposed to take it off for 2 weeks.


 By the next day, the gooey stuff has taken over and was leaking out of the side of the bandage...I just had to take it off.

After taking it off, that what it looks like...kind of gross.  Can to put some gel/cream for infection over the wound

After a few hours, it seems to look better already~

Here is it is after 7 days.  It's finally healing~

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  1. Oh that wasn't good! Glad to see it healing now!

    1. Thanks thanks, I am almost fully healed now

  2. Oh,that is not good. That's a way to start up your day. Glad it's healing.

    1. Horrible way to start a day, but glad it is almost over :)


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