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    Forever 21 natural swatch

    A lovely swatch by forever 21.
    This is only 2 coats of Forever 21: Natural.
    I went on very smoothly. I used two coats because it wasn't quite opaque but at the same time it wasn't that jelly type of nail polish. But I love the texture and finish of this nail polish.
    by Cho


    1. Replies
      1. Thanks, thanks, lovely two coat coverage.

    2. On Forever21 web site, I can't find any shade called 'Natural'. They have 'Nude Shimmer'. Is that what you use?

      1. This shade is actually called natural. I found it in the store. Maybe it was a discontinued item, I am not sure > < try going into the store you might have more luck there. Since I find that the stock they have online and in stock is sometimes a little different for Forever 21


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