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    Marley & the Frog

    Marley loves being a bully! But at the same time he is a scaredy cat, I can't count the amount of times I have said this.

    Here is him in action. We found a frog in our back yard and Marley was having a face-off with it.
    Marley wanted to show the little frog that this is his territory and tell him to go away.... I can't say he was too successful with that :p

    For those of you who think this is violent and is worried for the poor frog, please know that nothing happened to the frog. Marley never touched it, because Marley was too scared to. It just pretends to touch and bite it, he makes sure he misses each time.

    Furthermore, the frog is now living in a near by river instead of our back yard because it made too much noise at night, making it hard for us to sleep. So we put it in a bucket and set it free at the near by river.

    by Cho


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