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Routine life can be quite boring,
It is always nice to have a change up every now and then. I think this was a great gathering activity to change up our daily routines of going to working and going home.

I went to a cooking class held by Sogo Club in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. This was organized by my sister's lovely group of co-workers. To join is event, you either need a personal party of 10 -12 for a private party, or you can just booking a class and share the meal with strangers.
This activity was quite cheap considering the quality of food we ate and also how much fun we had, it came to around $400, if my memory serves me correctly.

Preparing our appetizer:
White wine seared abalone with fresh greens. 

Our Appitaizer, These were amazing!!!! The cream sauce that came with it was also superb!

Baby lobster asparagus bisque:
It was good, didn't wow me though :p 

Foie gras and tiger prawn on risotto:
This was super! I love Foie gras, and in this mean we got two very decent sized fillets. 
The rice was a little salty though.

Preparing our chestnut mousse tart.

Our final course: Chestnut Mousse and Ginger Creme Brulee
The Chestnut Mousse was ok, a little too much cream for me.
But the Ginger Creme Brulee was awesome, I love Ginger desserts so I might be biased.

Overall this was a 5 star experience. Fun Fun Fun got to learn lots and got to eat yummy foods.
A photocopy of all the recipes would be given to you in the end :p so you can practice what you have learned 
What more can you ask for?

By Cho 

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