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    Dot-on Lace

    It's Friday again. I painted my friend's nails so she an go out with pretty nails on the weekend.

    I wanted to do something weird on her nails today but she banned me from doing it.

    I was going to write our company's name on her nails, so that she can wave her hands at our boss during our morning meeting.  That way, maybe our boss will like her more and give us a raise! Hahaha! 

    The second idea was to write swear words on her fingers, so that when our boss yells at us or BS too much, she can just flash her hands at him~ Obviously, she banned it as well.
    So, here it is.  The boring dotting designs with rhinestones...

    I honestly think painting the other 2 things I suggested would be more functional~

    Here are a couple more pics of her hands.

    Colors I used:

    American Apparel – Coney Island
    Sinful Colors Professional – Soulmate 945
    Kiss Nail Art Paint – SPA02 White
    Orly Polish Shield



    1. Very pretty....I like the ideas too....haha..;)

      1. Thanks. Need to persuade my friend to let me paint something else next time.


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