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    Pick: 300 followers

    Thank you for all your continuing support. We have finally reach 300 followers for our pick account :) For All those of you who look through all my seemingly random photos. I want to take this chance to also thank not just my pick followers but all of the people who has paid attention to my blog.
    My blog isn't the most stunning and well organized blog out there. I am am learning how to take photos in the proper lighting so a lot of my photos are quite bad.

    For those who don't know what pick is, it is similar to instagram. It is a photo sharing app that allows you to add many cute and fun affects to you photos. Most of my pictures are edited with this app since I can do this on my commute to work.
    Allows you to put text in your photo edits and saves the words you have used in the past to make the editing process faster! Ingenious. 

    Cute Letter Stamps

    Fun dress up stamps to play with

    By cho


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