Taobao nail haul + a shirt!

It seems like I am buying things online at least once a week. I try to stop myself, but I just can't help it!!!! I am addicted! Addicted to clicking through the pretty pics and then just click "add to cart". This action is too simple and easy. I do it almost with out noticing.

This time I got lots!!!!!

I told myself that I should stop buying nail products as I've got plenty. However, somehow I wandered to the nail shop on taobao...and saw some really neat stuff...and some how these products ended up in my "cart"...and somehow I clicked "check out" and paid for them. Come on!!!! What's wrong with me! I've got to stop this habit...even though it's at a really cheap price.

So, this time I used about US$14 shipping included and got a bunch of stuff.

4 image plates, XL stamper, nail scissor thingy, and loads of water decal / stickers.

The package came in a box like this.  Not very flattering.  But good enough.

The above plate isn't very special, but it's one of the plates that you know you will use more than once.  So I got it.

I fell in love with the kisses and mustache plate when I first saw it and just had it get it.

This QA2 plate was the reason I made my purchase in the first place.  I saw some people did really cute spongebob designs and realized it was an image plate!!!  This was the item that got me to buy a whole lot of other stuff.  I hope I can line up the images properly!!!

Last time I got the XL plates but never got an XL stamper.  So, got one and see if it'll work better~

Cho wanted this clipper thing.

The rest are the decals/stickers I got....I couldn't stop buying!

From another shop, I got this really cute top!!!!  I wasn't planning to get any clothing....It was my friend who wanted to buy something....and I ended buying as well...

Taobao nail haul + a shirt! Taobao nail haul + a shirt! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, August 27, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. So many sticker :) I bet you can do so many cute designs with them:)

    1. I hope so! I can't wait to use them. But I only have 10 fingers. i still wanna buy more, but i know i shouldn't.

  2. wow.. Is that scrapbooking tools or Nail accessory ?? Pretty confused


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