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This is a post that is super long overdue. I meant to write it while I was still in Vancouver. But the blogger app was just too much of a pain, not letting me upload my pics. Luckily I got it update yesterday. Here is the yummy dinner I had at Memphis blues on the corner of Granville and Broadway. I had to drive around twice to find it since it is a little hidden. But it was well worth the hunt. I was eating with a group of three so we order a little bit more and get more variety. We still had quite a bit left over though.

We were pretty full after attempting to finish all the food, but it was impossible. We packed it to take the rest of it home. One thing I didn't like so much about the restaurant is the service. I am assuming I was dealing with a server who was relatively new, but it was a little disappointing to know that there isn't enough "ribs" only after one of us had ordered the All you can eat ribs option on Tuesdays. But in the end they did refund us the money and let us reorder so it was ok. All in all, I would definitely come back and I am dying to try their Nachos > <

Elvis Platter 

1/2 slab o'ribs

Memphis Blues at point I in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

By Cho

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