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    Faux ENAS nail art stamp

    Always wanted to try the ENAS stamp. However, they don't have a shop here.

    While I was shopping online, I found this product! I am pretty sure it's not the genuine product since I found it on www.taobao.com. Anyways, I still bought it to see if it would actually be better than the tradition Konad plates.

    To my surprise, it's even better than Konad! I am not easy this is super easy to use. I just really like the fact that there is not scraping and cleaning. It is almost mess free. I gave it a try and got the image on my 2nd try.

    For this product, I need quite a lot of pressure in order to get the image to transfer. I don't know if it's because this is a faux product or what.

    I wish there are more images to choose from!



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