Nautical Nails

Again this is part of my many past taobao hauls. The haul where I bought loads of water decals.
More great news is that I finally found a light in my home that can take decent pictures.  I don't know how Chi came up with the idea but it is the light underneath the sink cabinet in the washroom, who would of guessed.... Chi obviously. You would be able to see that one of the pics is much better quality than the others for this reason :)

Back on track, I have always liked multimedia art, so I think adding lots of different materials on nails is best at times.  So I have used many different colors and layered my nails with the water decal and bling (jewels and rivets). I was particularly excited after finishing this mani because it isn't a pink mani! Hehehehe I think I have too many pink/red based manis hehehe.  Cheers

By Cho
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