Vancouver PHO Beef Noodles: A Must Try

This post is really for one of my great friends who is with me in Hong Kong who also loves Vancouver dearly. It was her birthday some month ago now, and I was in Vancouver at the time and couldn't celebrate with her, she asked me to order Pho in her name and take a picture because this is one of her favorite dishes. Shame on the Blogger app for not allowing me to upload pics otherwise I would have been able to post this post in time before her birthday. 

Anyways so here it is, Vancouver is very know for their Pho restaurants they are everywhere and people love them. This is a must have (every other day if they could have it their way) when they go visit Vancouver. Although I personally cannot really tell the difference, but they always say that you can't find the taste of Vancouver Pho in Hong Kong. 

I wanted to post the name of this restaurant since it is relatively good, but it has been so long ago and I have completely forgotten the name..... my bad. But if you are ever in town you should try it :)

by Cho

Vancouver PHO Beef Noodles: A Must Try Vancouver PHO Beef Noodles: A Must Try Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, December 02, 2012 Rating: 5

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