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  • Our Ghetto Light Box!

    Cho has super crappy pictures. Mine are crappy as well, but not as bad as hers (in my point of view)

    We have crappy pictures because:

    1. We don't have a professional camera, we just use our cellphone
    2. We have crappy lighting

    I can't really just go out and buy an expensive camera, but we can make better lighting.

    Researched online for how to make a light box. Finally, here it is!

    Cho found a cardboard box lying around in the dump...or something close to the trash...the box itself is in a pretty bad condition...It's all bent and soft....

    We cut out 3 squares from the top and the 2 sides. Stuck rice paper to the squares and then got a cheap lamp to shine on the top! The only thing that cost us money here is the lamp and the bulb. Which is about $12US. Not too bad. Now I can wince less at Cho's pics.

    Here is an example pic!


    1. That is such a good idea! That would be fantastic for taking final product photos for my tutorial. You've inspired me to make one ^^.

      However, have you ever thought of just finding a pretty pillow or something to be your background?
      For example: http://i.imgur.com/Wmi76.jpg

      It may serve to be a simple alternative when/if the lightbox gives you trouble :)

      1. ooo!
        That's a good idea!
        I'll give it a try some time...since our light box isn't very sturdy. I think it'll fall apart anytime soon.

    2. Replies
      1. after i made this, i realized a light box online is only about $5USD....


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