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    Video: Copy of Étude House Etoinette Versailles Nails

    When I saw Étude House's Etoinette Versailles nail kit collection, I immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it's sold out in Hong Kong.

    This is the set selling at Etude House:
    Isn't that gorgeous?  Too bad It's sold out.

    Luckily, I have some similar colors at home, so I can create a similar copy of it. Too bad my water decal collection didn't have much floral prints for full nail decals... If only I have roses full nail decals.

    I love the glitter in the set! I can't find anything similar to that in my collection...so this is my poor attempt in creating a copy of the Étude House Etoinette Versailles nails.



    1. Those are gorgeous! I actually like your version much more than the Etude House set. I've never used water decals before, but they look pretty cool :)

      1. Thanks for the support :)
        You should definitely try using them if you can get your hands on them.
        Them are easy to use and great for complicated designs

    2. This is really nice <3 !! I can never apply the "stickers" right :(

      1. For applying the water decals, I recommend trying out the small decals first rather than the full nail decals since those are a little harder.
        But once you get the hang of it, I am sure you will start to fall in love with them.


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