Valentines Day, creating your own decals

I can never have enough of creating my own nail decals. It is so nice and easy and saves me so much time. I always get a prefect heart rather than trying to draw it out by hand hehe :)

I have posted this many times, but this time I took pictures instead just for those of you who might not like to watch videos. 
  1. First take the back side of a label of sticker sheet, that slippery waxy paper that you feel stickers off of and paint the colors you would want your nail decals to be and choose a decorative punch of your choice.

2. Let the polishes dry over night. This is very important that the polishes must dry completely before you can hole punch it. Then flip your decorative punch over and carefully measure where you want you decal to be.

3. Once you punch the polish out you should have a perfect clean shape that looks like the image below.

4. Now remove the waxy backing from the nail polish and apply it onto your nails. Just lightly press down the decal on your nail at the desired area and apply top coat. nice and easy. 

by Cho

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  1. Affordable and cute idea. :) I love hearts!! <3

    I followed you!

    1. Thanks Thanks for the follow.
      It is a simple and nice way to create all those decals that we can only dream about. Hehehe... there can be tons of different ways to manipulate this to create other cute designs :)


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